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by Lisa Bella Donna

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"Destinations, the forthcoming album by multi-instrumentalist, sonic sorceress Lisa Bella Donna is a deep-diving, yet rhythmically-inviting album of classic electronic music. Each of the four compositions on the album compliment the destination of the next. The album sees release on October 1, and features "Mystery Rituals, featured earlier this year in Bella Donna's Moog Music video.
Performed entirely on Moog and ARP synthesizers, and aided along the journey by a host of Earthquaker Devices, Destinations picks up where Bella Donna's previous 2019 releases, Circulus and Afternoon Dreams, left off." - Tim Anderl /Sweet Cheetah Publicity

"Destinations is a record I have been slowly composing over the past year. The writing began right before my move out to where I live and operate my studio now. Moving back out into Appalachia has evoked so much inspiration and gratitude for my music and the process of doing what I love the most, being a recording artist. However, unlike decades past I now have a beautiful family of my own and a truly powerful and inspiring collection of instruments that I have integrated into a mountain skyline of possibilities. I hope you can feel that excitement and inspiration throughout this recording.

One thing that stands out during the making of this record, is the relationship & integration of all of the amazing new instruments by the sweet humans at Moog Music Inc. This record features a mammoth setup of: Moog Mother Modular System (7 M32/2 DFAM) which are also integrated with 2 ARP 2600/Odyssey/ARP Sequencer, Moog One, Moog Matriarch 4 voice, and a pair of Moog Grandmother. Never in my 3 decades of making records have I ever been blessed to have this many possibilities and the feeling of no restrictions. The depth of my gratitude to everyone at Moog Music runs river deep & mountain wide.

Not too mention that I have included as contrast My classic ARP String Ensemble all throughout and a dash of Mellotron here and there. Just so you can hear how well they all play so well together in this truly mammoth orchestra.

Reverbs and Modulations are brought to you by all of my sweethearts in Akron Ohio at Earthquaker Devices. Such a truly amazing, talented, and creative collection of humans.

So grateful to my partner Tristan Whitney Weary & Daughter Joni Mariabronn. Making a home with them has been a dream come true. I love you both.

I hope you enjoy this work. It's a deep and dense listen. However if you love the passageways of synthesis and it's music as much as I do, I promise you it will be worth the journey. Hopefully to inspire your future destinations..."

Love to all, Lisa
October 1 2019


released October 1, 2019

Lisa Bella Donna: Moog Synthesizers & Sequencers, ARP 2600 & Odyssey Synthesizers, ARP String Ensemble, Mellotron.

Written, recorded, & mixed at Appalachian Recording.
Recording Engineers: Lisa Bella Donna & Trent Thompson.
Mastered by Harold LaRue at haroldlaruemastering.com
Track 3 mixed by Harold LaRue
Cover layout: LBD

My immense gratitude to Moog Music, Moogseum, Bob Moog Foundation, ARP Foundation, Reverb, Sweet Cheetah Publications, Modular Podcast, Mellotron, Antonus Synthesizers Spain, Novation, , Hologram, Neunaber, Recovery Modular, Make Noise Modular, House Of Pedals, Synthspotting, Kim Bjørn, Ernesto Romero, Pablo Mat, Dina Pearlman, Michelle Moog-Koussa, Cynthia Malaran, Keith Hanlon & Scioto Records, Jovan Karcic, Ara & Lora Kazanjian, Palomo Julien, Andreas Scotty Bottcher, Koltay, Anne Sulikowski, Harold LaRue, Yea Me too Coffee, Joni and Tristan.

This record is dedicated to Steve Stalnaker.

Synthspotting featured artist #069: Lisa Bella Donna

What is your favourite hardware or software synth and why?
“The “ARP System” I have used religiously over the last 3 decades is like a part of my soul. I just feel such atonement with it. Both sonically and the flow of its signal path. The system includes two ARP 2600s, an Odyssey, Axxe, Omni, Solina, and ARP Sequencer all interfaced. It’s how I began really, and it’s never left.”

“My Moog “Mother Modular” System (7 M32, 2 DFAM, 2 GM, 1 Matriarch) has also become a most favorite and efficient system to work with. It’s truly an awe inspiring modern, modular analog super system. Not only are the possibilities endless, the spirit of it’s signal passageways and flow has become a mainstay in my music and production. Also having MIDI/CV implementation has allowed for much extrapolation for composing, post-production, and interfacing it with the ARP System.”

“Then there’s the Moog One..."

"The Moog One is an entire electronic music studio under one hood. So orchestrally powerful and sonically rich. Truly it’s a mammoth modular system with polyphonic control. It yields many new horizons for the analog and hybrid composer or synthesist.”

“I’ve fallen in love with it.”

A list of synths in your studio/release
“Other than the above mentioned, A few of my other favorites are my Yamaha SK50 dual manual polyphonic Orchestra,
Sequential Circuits Prophet T8 8 voice, & Korg MS20. I love the KORG SV-1 for songwriting and composing.”

Tell us a little bit about your production technique
“My production techniques change with both the music I am working on as well as the medium/format.”

“If I am working in digital, I like to have the luxury and consistency of working with timecode so I can implement both digital and analog synthesizers in the final mix. Especially if I am producing for an artist or for film/video. This allows for the most flexibility with each stage of the process.”

“Working with analog you typically an amount spend time in pre-production programming sounds before you perform and print to tape. Or you simply shape-shift with your selected instruments on the spot.”

“In the early days if I wanted to do big orchestrations, polyphonic layers, or complex soundscapes I had to really prepare the order of sounds and their values before the sub-mixing processes. Now it’s so much easier, even with analog because I simply have more modules/instruments that I can select, interface, and perform most, if not all of the synthesizers live to tape. My previous records “Circulus” & “Afternoon Dreams” we’re both produced in this way.”

“Both processes bring out different spectrum's of the musical intention and the flow of the music. I enjoy both.”

Tell us a bit about your releases
“My deepest intention with any/all of my records is to offer a wide open and inclusive space for the listener. To make a home for the listener...”

“Musically and sonically. I pay great attention to detail in hydrating the musical elements and their sonic destinations for that purpose.”

“I love to instigate long voyages within some pieces that hopefully release the listener into the open landscapes of their own personal space. I also equally enjoy crafting shorter pieces that possibly feel larger than they actually are. Or that will create an interest to go further in the chapters of listening.
All in hopes of some kind of sympathetic resonance and response.”

“Such an immense freedom and gift that music and it’s process provides us. Many chances to explore our individual depths and unknowns while celebrating the vibrations of musical homes. Wherever they may be.”

“I’m grateful to have had so many chances to be a student of the art or it. Each new horizon of inspiration I feel opens a new room in my home of music.”



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Lisa Bella Donna

Lisa Bella Donna is an internationally acclaimed composer, recording artist, modular synthesist & clinician.

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